Alteration / Repairs / Restyling

Whether you need a better fit, a repair, or a completely updated look, Türpitz Furrier helps you with competent advises and on-premise services. Our alteration and repair services include shortening or lengthening, repairing linings, move or replace buttons, zippers, close open seams. Restyling ideas could include reducing weight and fullness of your fur and convert it into a lighter, softer, and more modern jacket. Also we are happy to convert the outdated fur into a walking coat, or use as a liner for a rain coat. We welcome your trade-ins and we are happy to discuss with you a trade-in option.



Professional storage of fur is one of the most important aspects of fur care. At Türpitz Furrier we operate climate controlled vaults to protect your fur and leather from heat and damage during the summertime. We prove in advance if your fur needs repair services and a professional fur cleaning process.

Invoicing on monthly basis solely for the period of storage. For your convenience we offer short-term storage modalities, e.g. during the summer holidays or relocation.

All store labels are accepted



Cleaning is as necessary and important as summer storage to maintain your fur.

When Türpitz Furrier cleans your fur, we use a process that has been designed to clean and revitalize it. This cleaning process preserves the high quality and elegance of your fur.

All store labels are accepted.



We turn your individual ideas and requests into reality!

If a client prefers to create their own personal style, then a Türpitz craftsman will convert the client's vision of a perfect garment into a custom-made, one-of-a-kind, Türpitz design.

For those clients who prefer to be one-of-a-kind, the Türpitz Furrier craftsmen combine current technology and the details of old world craftsmanship to create Custom-made designs.